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About IDL

Boy learning to read and spell using a laptop

IDL is a proven tutored learning system that helps both adults and children with literacy difficulties or learning difficulties concerning reading and spelling.

IDL is multi-sensory and uses many channels simultaneously (i.e sight, hearing, touch, voice). It uses touch-typing to build an association between letter keys and individual fingers.

  • The student hears each word, and sees it on the screen.
  • The student types each word, which builds into a script.
  • The student reads the script, and hears their own reading played back to them.

All learning is neurological and by using multiple senses this provides a choice of learning pathways, thereby easing the learning process.

Woman learning to read and spell using a computer

Learning is achieved by the simultaneous use of auditory and visual aspects in a fully multi-sensory way, and by doing so this helps to build solid lasting neural connections.

IDL begins with an IDL assessment in order to measure a person’s reading and spelling age, and to look for particular difficulties. We apply a colour test as, for some students, some colour contrasts are easier to see than others.

Statistics show that after three months attendance at IDL sessions at least six months of improvement in reading and spelling age occurs, often more than a twelve month improvement is achieved in that timeframe.

While IDL is specifically aimed at reading and spelling, listening and comprehension skills, students also gain social benefits, such as improved concentration and self-confidence.

At all times the student will receive encouragement. If the student encounters a difficulty with the lessons, the role of the tutor is to provide assistance to the student so that he/she can figure out the answer for themselves.

Click here to see a demo of the IDL system in action.

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