IDL Galway

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IDL Galway

INDIRECT DYSLEXIA LEARNING, or IDL, is a programme to help children and adults with learning difficulties.

The IDL programme is a multi-sensory computer-aided system of lessons, guided by a tutor.

Learning to Read and Spell

What does Indirect Dyslexia Learning mean?

  • INDIRECT - the interaction is with the computer, rather than the tutor
  • DYSLEXIA - meaning "difficulty with words" Professor Berlin of Stuttgart 1883
  • LEARNING - this is a learning system, rather than a teaching system

The IDL programme has proven to help with all learning difficulties such as:

  • Slow Learners - Processing and co-ordination problems
  • A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.
  • Scotopic / Irlen Syndrome
  • Dyspraxia - Dyslexia