IDL Galway

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Why use the IDL system?

Boy succeeding in learning to read and spell using IDL GalwayResearch has shown that reading and spelling difficulties are best addressed using a structured cumulative multi-sensory approach.

A difficulty with reading or spelling can often be related to a difficulty with a basic understanding of the structure of the written word. This might manifest for example, as a difficulty identifying or processing the individual sound of a letter, or the sound of a combination of letters when they are joined together. A difficulty identifying the shape of a particular letter can be common, especially if the letter shape has an opposite in the alphabet or looks familiar to another letter.

IDL is focused on each student’s learning difficulty as it relates to reading and spelling. It aims to solve the difficulty and identifies the areas where the student needs help. This consideration starts with the assessment and is continued through all IDL lessons.

The IDL programme of lessons is suitable for adults and children. It is a complete Literacy Programme which improves reading and spelling.

  • The programme is tailored to each individual, relevant to age and education.
  • You attend at a set time each week for a min of 13 weeks.
  • IDL is individually tutored; each student works to their own lesson plan.There is no time pressure, each student works at their own pace.
  • IDL gives only positive encouragement to the student.
  • No extra work is required between the lessons.

Additional benefits include improvements to

• Short term memory
• The Processing of auditory information
• The Speed of processing information
• The Organisation and sequencing of information